Städel - A school trip

Three weeks ago we went on a class trip to the Städel museum in Frankfurt. There we visited an exhibition about the famous artist Picasso („Druckgrafik als Experiment“). It was very interesting to see his pictures/prints because they looked different from the pictures we have seen so far. In his paintings he tried to show things/faces from different perspectives at the same time. So realistic things were often shown in an unreal way.

The most exciting things were the stories about his many girl-friends and wives that he painted. We wonder why his art was so successful but we still find it interesting to learn about him and his works. After the guided tour through the exhibition we had a workshop where we printed our own works of art (see photos). It was a great exhibition and workshop which we will remember for a long time. We hope to go on a trip like that again.

Georgia, Haben and Annika (6bG – Kunstklasse)